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Nelson Mandela. An Icon. A Legend. An Inspiration.

As I write this with a heavy heart, Nelson Mandela lays in a hospital bed in Pretoria, South Africa. He clings to life with the support of machines to help him breathe with his family at his side. While his family brace themselves for the inevitable, the South African nation is preparing for the loss

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Britain to ban porn in public.

With Britain set to ban porn in public, we ask: Is the Government taking control of too much of our lives? The latest news is that David Cameron wants to restrict website access on public Wifi Hotspots, this is a move to ‘ensure’ that children don’t get access to porn while out in public. As

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Gay marriage goes global?

It was 25 years ago when Denmark was the first country to legally recognise same sex unions when they legalized ‘Registered Partnerships‘ in 1989, since then many more countries have followed in their footsteps but this does not go far enough for some people. Although the ‘partnerships’ allow a same sex couple the legal benefits

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The wicked witch is dead, will her legacy stay?

The Wicked Witch may be dead, but what has she left behind? In October of 1926 a baby girl was born to Alfred and Beatrice Roberts, who grew up in a small, tight knit community and went to Oxford University to study chemistry. In 1950 and 1951 she ran for election in Dartford and although

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Same sex marriage gets the vote in the House.

A recent vote in the House of Commons gave a big thumbs up for same sex marriage, but there is still a wait before it becomes Law with more potential obstacles in the way. David Cameron is proposing that same sex marriage becomes Law in 2014, so there is still a year or so to

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