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Columbine High School, a case for gun control.

The Columbine Massacre held the attention of the world media for some time, why was it so interesting that it was at the forefront of the world’s minds for so long? The answer to this is quite simple. It was the worst school shooting in American history in terms of casualties. The more important question

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Gun control or no control?

Gun control in America is something which has been debated for some time, it seems that every time there is a mass shooting there follows an argument between the anti-gun lobby and the NRA. I was inspired to write this after seeing this picture on a popular Social Media site, posted by Bustle.com. The Ad

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Personal Development and your business.

Personal development is something that most business owners don’t make time for. I guess it is seen as something that is just not important, why would it be when you are spending so much of your time building your business empire? The fact is, a new business is something which you are passionate about and

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Why do I do it?

Running a business is a tough job, almost as tough as being a parent. Working long hours for little return in the early months can get a bit disheartening, but I don’t need to tell you that right? So why do I do it? Despite the long hours, I love what I do. You’re probably

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