Have you noticed? You must have, you know what I am talking about. You have seen them you have probably just glossed over it. I am taking about content writing, or more specifically bad content writing.

It has been said that as long as the first and last letters of a word are right then the brian can defect waht it shuld say and you will reed it as it shold be, regardless of what it actually says. (Did you spot that?)

This works in general but there are some people who are an exception to the rule. As a writer, spelling and grammatical errors are irksome. I can’t help it, they might as well be typed in bright red, bold and underlined.

As a freelance writer, I have joined several freelance websites. You know the ones where people list the jobs they want doing and freelancers bid to complete them. Although I have registered with these sites I have actually stopped using them. Why? Because the amount people are willing to pay for content writing is hugely disproportionate to the amount and standard of work required.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t send out work which is not up to standard but I also won’t work for the rates set by some of these clients. $1.5 for 500 words or more is ridiculously low for the best of us but take off fees for the site and then convert it to £s and an English writer is looking at less than £1 for up to an hours work (depending on research needed). What then happens it is that the cheaper writers in other countries and those working for content mills that get the work.

The irony here is that they claim (in broken English) to be as good as a native English writer and then you see the same job two weeks later with the client complaining about the standard of previous work. The client then doesn’t want to pay more than the original fee (why would he when it has been proved that people will work for this amount?) and so the cycle continues.

There is another scenario of course, the one where the content is used and the sites rankings go down, visitors disappear and a business is in trouble. This is the true effect of bad content. The fact is that bad content upsets the Google Panda, he doesn’t like it. The Panda is there for the people reading the content and if it is not up to scratch then the Panda rules it out.

So what is the answer?

  • Get yourself a decent writer. Find a writer you can relate to, who you find it relatively easy to communicate with and one who understands you and your business.
  • Check out their Terms and Conditions and see what guarantees they give in relation to originality. (such as Copyscape Passed)
  • Recognise the true worth of good content writing, would you pay a web designer £10 to create your website? Think about the cost of your website and then consider if you want people to see it, if you do then you need to make the investment in content.

Regardless of where you find your writer, please remember that they are trying to make a living. They are running a business just like you, don’t put their livelihood at risk by choosing bad content writing to save a few pounds, it would probably cost you more in the ranking anyway.


By Emma Pollard.


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